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A clean, professional, persuasive website is central to your system for attracting and closing great clients.

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Portfolio Web Package

A simple, effective way to establish your web presence at low cost and turn around time. In 10 business days or less, you can have your professional Copywriter’s 1 page Portfolio Website built and published.

EXCLUSIVE! Certified by Joshua Boswell

Pro Web Package (Best Value!)

The Pro Web Package was designed specifically for copywriters with a standard “Information Packet” (as taught by copywriting expert Joshua Boswell). The 9 included pages make it simple and easy to convert the work you’ve already done on your Info Packet into a clean, professional, persuasive website.

EXCLUSIVE! Certified by Joshua Boswell

Master Web Package

Our most advanced web development package includes 16 Professionally designed pages PLUS a FREE Blog that you can use to market your copywriting expertise.

EXCLUSIVE! Certified by Joshua Boswell

Site features…

EXCLUSIVE! Certified by Joshua Boswell – Joshua Boswell is one of the most widely known and respected marketing experts for writers. He’s helped thousands of writers land their first client and begin living their writing dreams. Every part of our process has been reviewed by Joshua to ensure that can be effective at attracting and closing great clients.

Worlds Most Popular Theme Builder – We use the most powerful website creation software available, making it easy to customize your website to your needs.

Domain Name Registration – Don’t have a domain name? No problem! We’ll buy a domain name of your choosing at no extra cost!

No Hidden FeesPlain and simple we will provide you with an amazing website for a one time construction fee and a small monthly fee. Thats it. No. Hidden. Fees. 

Back End Access – This site is yours. We’ll give you full access to the backend (and point out some great tutorials to help you make the most of it!) so you can add content, pictures, posts, and video. You have full control.

SSL Certificate – We automaticaly install SSL Certificates unto all of our websites. This makes sure your site is safe and secure.

Up-to-Date Software – We keep all softwares up-to-date so you always have the latest technology.

Social Media Integration – We make it easy for people to follow you on social media. Something that super important as a writer looking for clients.

Built on WordPress – To harness the world’s most popular website platform, we build your site on WordPress. 

Daily Backups – Your website site is backed up daily to ensure your content is never lost.

Customer Support– Every website comes with unlimited customer support to make updating your website as easy as shooting us an email.

Contact Forms – A main contact page and forms spread through out your website makes it easy for clients to reach you.

Business Email – Business emails can be both expensive and extremely difficult to set up. We remove all the hassle by setting it up for you.

Already Have one? Great! We will integrate it right into your website. 

Dedicated Cloud Hosting – We use one of the best hosting platforms available so your site will always be up and running.

Unlimited Technical Support – The average cost of a web developer is $85-$125/hour to make changes and provide technical support. Our websites come with unlimited technical support to make updating your website as easy as shooting us an email.

Our Promise


Cancel at any time!

If we get your site all set up and you decide it’s not right for you. You can cancel at any time, and we will give you your website file which can be uploaded to any WordPress site.

Done in 10 business day or less!!!

Your website will be done in 10 business days or less from the time we begin working on it, or you will get your money back!

Fair enough?

Maintenance Programs

Let us Handle Maintenance, Order Now!

Maintenance Program

Up to 1 Hour of Edits/Month* 

Just $49/Month

For use with the Portfolio, Pro and Master Packages. 

Unlimited Maintenance Program

Unlimited Edits/Month!!!* 

Just $99/Month

For use with the Portfolio, Pro and Master Packages. 

*Edits Do Not include, Adding Pages, Adding Blogs or Seting up opt-in forms.

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