Save Time, Money, and a lot of Wasted Time with a Joshua Boswell Certified Design Website

Hello Copywriter!

The Economic Crisis caused by COVID-19 is taking or is about to take, its toll on all of us. To succeed as a copywriter in these times you must have a few things in place. Your potential clients will be looking for copywriters who are the real deal. They can’t afford to pay copywriters that aren’t going to give them the results they need.

The questions then becomes how will they know that you are an excellent copywriter?

The answer is quite simple.

They will know by your online presence.

Without an online presence many if not all of your potential clients will simply pass you by in search of someone else.

The more online presence you have the greater your status will be in your client’s mind.

A critical piece of your online presence is your website. A website will be one of the very first things clients will be looking for when searching for excellent writers.  A website is critical to your success as a writer.

But there is only one problem

Building a website can be a pain in the neck!

Acquiring everything you need to build a professional-looking website is very difficult and can be very expensive and time-consuming.

I’d like to save you all that time, money and heartache!

Today I’m offering to give you a website with…


Dedicated Cloud Hosting - Valued at $864/year

Dedicated Cloud Hosting is no ordinary kind of hosting. Because we have our own Dedicated Cloud and Personal DNS, we can provide you with more uptime, fewer technical issues, and faster site speeds. 


Domain Name Registration- Valued at $12/year

We regester, purchase, and renew your domain name for you so you dont have to worry about one more bill to pay.


Business Email - Valued at $72/year

Business emails can be both expensive and exstremly difficult to set up. We remove all the hassel by setting it up for you. 


Web Developer - Valued at $1500

Most people pay thousands of dollars to have a professional design and build a website for them. We charge a fraction of that cost and provide you with a website in the top of its class. 


Technical Support - Valued at $50/hour

Many web devolpers will charge $50+ an hour to make changes and provide tencial support. We have a small monthly fee for unlimited technical support and website updates. 


Joshua Boswell Certified 9 Page Design - Valued at $197

We are the Only Web Devolopment Company whos website designs are certifed by Joshua Boswell, who has trained thousands of writers just like yourself. 


World’s most popular theme builder -Valued at $89/year

We use the worlds most popular and powerful theme and website builder called Divi. This allows for very quick changes, a incredible user-friendly experence, and fantastic customization. 

Total Value- $2785

You’ll also get…


Full Backend Access

Unlike most Web Development Companies we don’t lock our customers out. You get full acces to your website and all its contents. You can even make changes to your website if you’d like!  


SSL Certificate

We automaticaly install SSL Certificates unto all of our websites. This makes sure your site is safe and secure. 


Daily Backups

You don’t have to ever worry about losing your website because we make daily backups. So even if you accidentally turn your website into a heap of jumbled up code, we got you covered! 


Social Media Integration

We make it easy for people to follow you on social media. Something that super important as a writer looking for clients. 


Contact Forms

Our Designs have conctact forms in numerous strategic places throughout your websites. Making it easy for your potential clients to contact you! 


Monthly Updates to All Softwares

We insure that all softwares are up-to-date. this means that your webstie will not only be more secure but it will also have the lastest and greatest technology! 


Done in 10 Business Days or Less!

Your website will be done within 10 business days or your money back! We are only able to acomplish this because of breakethroughs in how we build your website and how the business is managed. 

Our Designs

 Joshua Boswell Certified 

As you probably know Joshua Boswell is one of the worlds top copywriter trainers. He has trained thousands of copywriters just like yourself to live lifstyle of there dreams.

We’ve worked with Joshua to create website designs that not only will help you attract clients but convince potential cleints that you are the real deal.

The “inforamtion packet” that Joshua teaches you how to structure is the foundation of our designs. Joshua descovered that this is the best way to provide your potential clients with the information they need.

We are the first and only web development company to do so. 

You don’t need to write any additional copy!

We want to help you grow your business as quickly as possible. To make this possible we worked with Joshua Boswell to make sure that your “information packet” can be “plugged” into the website.

What does this mean?

You dont have to write any additional copy!!!

All the copy we need for your website is built right into your info packet.  

See what others have to say about their websites.

Nan La Fond- Alternative Health Copywriter

“They’ve been great to work with. I really appreciate all that they have done to make my website shine. I always felt that I could trust them.” – Nan La fond, Alternative Health Copywriter

Hugh Frazer- Copywriter

“This is the go-to team for copywriters and anyone who wants a premium website.”

Susan Kuse-Copywriter and Coach

“They made launching my website fun instead of daunting, and their rates were very reasonable too. I highly recommend their services to you if you are the least bit intimidated by launching a website, or if you just have more important things to do – like making money.”

Richelle Ravenkamp-Educational Copywriting Solutions

“I would highly recommend Copywriter Tech Support to any copywriter who wants an amazing website.” 

Samples of Our Work


Free blog valued at $99! 

A blog is a valuable tool for writers. It increased your SEO, your writing skills, and improves your status as a writer. But you do need to be careful starting a blog to early in your career can lead to distraction. We would recommend not starting a blog if your just staring out as a copywriter.

So why are we giving giving you a free blog you might ask?

We want to make sure that you have all the tools and resources you needed to create the perfect website. Eventually you will need a blog so were giving it to you now. But don’t feel any pressure to use it right away. You can start using this free gift whenever you feel so inclined. 

But be warned we don’t offer this anywhere else! If you want a blog this is the place to get it!

Save $197 in Development Fees!


Use the Discount Code


Our Promise

– Cancel at any time!

If we get your site all set up and you decide it’s not right for you. You can cancel at any time, and we will give you your website file which can be uploaded to any WordPress site.

-Done in 10 business day or less!!! 

Your website will be done in 10 business days or less from the time we begin working on it, or you will get your money back!